Lip Oil Treatment-Spice


Not a gloss-It’s better than that !

  • This is a lip treatment,which heals like a lip mask but performs like a lip gloss
  • Pink tint. Sheer,translucent coverage.
  • Spice is ideal for fair to medium skin tones. But can be enjoyed by all,as it has a sheer colour !
  • Formulated with Lanolin,cocoa butter,petroleum jelly and coconut oil.
  • No sulphates,parabens or preservatives
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Provides intense,long-lasting hydration to chapped and dry lips.
  • 5g

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Our Lip Oil Treatment is formulated with lanolin,cocoa butter,petroleum jelly and coconut oil.

How it works:

Our lips don’t have oil or sweat glands. Therefore,they cannot produce or retain their own moisture unlike other skin on our body.

This formulation contains essential humectants and emollients which seal the lips with a protective barrier,and prevent moisture loss.

Consistency:Thicker than oil,lighter than a lip gloss. Non-sticky.

Colour: Sheer pink tint

Fragrance: Vanilla and strawberry. Food grade fragrance is added to these lip oil treatments.

Vegan Note:Lanolin is cruelty-free and vegetarian,but not vegan. Like beeswax,it an animal by-product.


Lanolin,Cocoa butter,coconut oil,refined petroleum jelly,food grade flavouring (for scent),Mica powder (for colour).


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